How to set up Endpoints to vm on Azure ?

by Tom Victor Posted on July 9, 2016, 1:02 p.m.



In this tutorial we will check how to add endpoints to linux server (Ubuntu 16.4 LTS) In the new microsoft Azure console. It is a simple task for a compute engine . But it is making lot of confusions on the new azure portal. Everyone is not familiar with the new console. The metro style blades are going longer and longer when try to do something. But if you know how to find resources then it will not be a problem for you. If you dont understand anything please check the previous tutorial How To Create Ubuntu Server.


You should have a ssh terminal on your PC. For linux and mac users simply use terminal and for mac users download "Putty". It is recomented to take a look on the "Basic linux command" tutorial


You should have windows Azure account. If you dont have It is recomented to create a free acount on azure. On signup you will get some free credit. Before going further you should have a working server instance on the azure. If you dont have, No problem check tutorial How To Create Ubuntu Server. In this tutorial I am adding end points to a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server, But not limited to that only. The steps are same for every server on the microsoft Azure platform.

Lets Start

Step 1


first step is navigating to right server on properties. It is easy to find this on the side bar on the left plane. If your server is a clasic one it can be find on the "Virtual Machine(Classic)" section. If your server is under "Resource manager section" just choose "Virtual machine". If you don't see any of these then you have to customize your console or simply click on the "Browse" button on the left corner and put a star on the services you need. Now you will be able to see it on the left sidebar.

Step 2

azure portal

The above image shows a properties of a test server. Click on the "Settings button", then select "Network Interfaces", then select the Network you have created during server creation.

Step 3

adding endpoints

The above image shows the network and security properties of the selected Network. Click on the "All settings", Then choose "Network Security Group" from the new tile. Then click on the given "Network and security group". Again choose all settings. Finally you see the settings we are looking, "Inbound" & "Outbound" Security rules. Yeh this is little confusing and getting longer and longer chain of settings blade.

microsoft azure

Step 4


Nowthings getting less confusing. Lets first add "Inbound security rules". It can be done by simply clicking the "Add" button, Then fill the new section. Give it a name(Eg: HTTP, SMTP etc) Then give priority, Its nothing but a number for ranking. Keep it default. Keep all other options "Any". Give your port on the destination port(Eg:80, 22). You can also play with source port range. final step is let the "Action" to "Allow "

linux server on azure

You can follow the same step for the "Outbount Security rules"


We check the new azure management console and studied how to add end points to our server. Comment your feedbacks and doubts below. Hope This tutorial is helpful for you...