How to use BLE on raspberry pi 3 ?

by Tom | Posted on May 18, 2017, 6:06 a.m.


 In this tutorial, we are going to test the BLE capabilities of the raspberry pi 3. Raspberry pi 3 has an inbuilt wifi and BLE, we can directly program it.


You should have the following hardware in order to complete this tutorial

  1. raspberry pi 3 (I have configured ssh so that I can control it from my Laptop)
  2. A BLE peripheral device can be a BLE emulator on smartphone or BLE hardware, Here I am using CC2650 BLE Launchpad from Texas Instruments.

   You must have to configure the initial setup of Pi, including OS installation(Raspbian or similar), software update etc. Also you must have the basic knowledge in Linux terminal and command line interface

Let's Start

For scanning BLE devices use the following command with superuser permission.

sudo hcitool lescan