Electronics Basics

by Tom | Posted on March 18, 2016, 12:55 p.m.


In this Tutorial, we are going to learn the basics of electronics. As we know this is a vast topic. We could not disc discuss that here but we could more focus on the fundamentals and the common electronic components like transistors, resistors, Capacitors, Inductors etc... no more fancy derivations or advanced engineering topics. This tutorial will be a series tutorial, meaning that it will be updated recently and the furthermore articles will be uploaded soon. Please mention your doubts in the comment section below


This tutorial is for peoples who are interested in electronics but don't know the basics of electronic components, circuits, basic measurements in electronics,etc..all basic If you are an advanced developer or a professional you can skip this one. (But please help us to clear doubts on the comment session below. Thank you). Before going any further you must need to have a little understanding of current, voltage, electron flow in circuits etc.. nothing else is less important at this point. Our aim is to educate everyone from the scratch, not for passing exams or for academic aggregates(sorry :) )


Hope you should have some passion or fantasy towards engineering and technology around us.

Let's Start

Let's first learns about the common electronic components we use. The building blocks of every electronic circuit can be divided into two main categories, Active devices, and passive devices. Passive devices are devices which do not apply any kind of intelligence to the input electric signals, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors are, example. On theOther hand the active devices, They alter the parameters of the input s/l entirely or do some logical or mathematical or similar changes to the output. Transistors, Regulated Ic, Microcontrollers, Op-Amps, all are examples. Now it's the time to discuss each of them in brief.