Project Description

Automatic waste picking robot

Project Facts

  • Category : Electronics
  • Skill : Easy
  • Build by Tom Victor
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Since the project has three sections, the area of field depends on each section. The platform we have used here is the raspberry Pi 3. Raspberry Pi on board can be programmed using Python programming language. To meet the objective of this work, several sensors such as Ultrasonic sensor, and IR sensor should be used. In order for a metallic object to be picked up, the detector also plays a significant role. The Lynx5 robotic arm with an IR distance sensor mounted on top of bulldozer is used in this work. It has servomotors that control the movement of robotic arm. DC motors are also used in this work. The Motor Shield allows the Raspberry Pi to drive the two- channel DC motor. Speed control is accomplished through conventional PWM, which can be obtained from A PWM output pins.


1. Robotic Arm

2. Gripper

3. IR Sensor

4. Capacitive sensor

5. Waste Collecting bin

6. Wheel

7. Ultrasonic sensor

8. Gripper Motor

9. Wrist Motor

10. Elbow Motor

11. Shoulder Motor

12. Base Motor