Build a website from scratch

Build a website from scratch

Project Description

Building a website from the Scratch using Django web framework

Project Facts

  • Category : Web Development
  • Skill : Intermediate
  • Build by Tom Victor
  • 891 Hits


We all know the Internet is ruling the world now, Websites contributes the majority of the information to the net right. This project is a beginers project to build your own website. Here I will share my source code and architecture of my website (You can check it right now). It is a simple web app to share snippets of text, Image, and files anonymously. Let's check the project details.

  • Language: Python 3.5
  • Framework: Django
  • Server: Linux
  • IDE used: my charm, emacs, and sublimetext3
  • Development machine: Mac 


  • Basic Python coding
  • Object oriented programming
  • Commandline Interface
  • Database concept
  • python3 installed in your computer
  • pip install > Django, crispy form, Django rest framework
  • Linux server (if you want to deploy your code)

Download Source code now