Project Description

A simple line follower robot for beginers.

Project Details

  • Client: None
  • Status: Finish on 25 April, 2012
  • Skills: creative, Arduino
  • Contributor: Shafeek

Arduino Basic Line Follower

Step 1: Collecting all the required hardware for this project.

The first step in this project is to acquire all the hardware necessary for this project. The important hardware in this project is an arduino uno R3, You can get an arduino micro controller from different sources like as , or from local stores. Next hardware necessary for this project are a pair of line sensors,we are using a pair of Infrared sensors. Infrared sensors works with the principal of infrared light reflection,there will be an infrared emitter and a reflector. The emitter emits the light and this light is reflected in the surface, this reflection is absorbed by the infrared receiver. The black or white line is detected by the change in the values from the reflected light

Arduino Uno R3

Pair of Infrared Sensors

L293D motor driver board

Pair of Bo-motors or Gear motors

Chasis for Robot

Battery supply of 9v

Step 2: Interfacing arduino and programing

The next step is to interface the arduino microcontroller with pc, for that first we have to install the arduino compiler. You can get the newest version of the arduino compiler from arduino download and install it in your pc. Run the software and connect the arduino to the usb interface of you pc. In the compiler select the board model as arduino uno R3 also select the port. copy and paste the code given below

Step 3: The circuit diagram and connections

Line follower

Disconnect the arduino board from the pc after burning the program into the board. Connect the motors and the sensors to arduino according circuit diagram shown above. Power the arduino and L293D circuit from the 9v battery, you can either get an arduino power connector pin from local stores or you can solder the positive and negative pins on to arduino board

Step 4: Making it work

Fix the motors into the chassis, you can use a chaster wheel in the front that will help the robot to turn freely. Get a black Insulation tape and draw a path in the white surface,Power up the circuit and it works!!!