We all are living on a small planet with our loved ones. Most of us may have a busy life, where we don't have time to invent something or to innovate. But there are a lot of great individuals who contribute their portion of their life for inventions which are useful to the mankind. Those great persons build up the foundation of every technical stuff surround us. If some of them was a usual guy think like the ordinary man or not willing to sacrifice their fruitful time, Maybe some of our most pretty gadgets and the most important need us like electricity, the internet, and lot more may be still masked. So the Invention of things has a great importance. It is not an easy task! like we seek the Google. similar to the invention Reverse engineering can be done to find the ore efficient way, we call it as innovation. Both the invention and innovation can only result from one basic most important thing, It is "knowledge". Just learn something and build from zero.

The deep-rooted quality knowledge for everyone is a long vision in front of us. It can be achieved only through sharing and communicating. So let us pass what we learned so far to someone who searches for it. Today we all are in " Technological era ", use the revolutionary power of information. Information must be made available to everyone...no one has the right to make mask it... Push the limits of the Internet and technology for mankind. One last thing, while doing something new start from the very basic, the fundamentals should be more clear. Hope the articles in this site will really help you to build from zero.